Monday, September 15, 2014

New Craft Room

So I was changing things around upstairs last week and well you know how it goes one thing leads to another. I got an idea(rare)and thought oh this won't take too long lol, well it took about a week to get it all done. But I love the results so it was well worth it.
Basically my craft room was at the other end of the house so I was getting lonely there at night doing my crafty stuff.We have this pretty big loft area just right outside my old craft room so I got the idea to downsize and move all my stuff out in the loft. My daughter's toys were mostly in the loft so I have moved all her stuff in my old craft room and made her a playroom and art room. Whew! She loves it and I can just shut the door when its a mess and bingo its out of sight.
I had fun getting rid of stuff that I don't need and making my craft area even more organized-yeah OCD. My daughter's school is going to take all my old art supplies so they will be put to good use!
I think not only will I enjoy being out here but I think I  am going to use my stuff even more with having less stuff and knowing where everything is. But don't get me wrong I am already planning on more stuff to order, yep same old me talking !
Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy!

P.S. Don't mind the ugly ol' Costco fold out chairs, hopefully they will be replaced soon by something a little more fun! And I think this area needs a rug too. Hope to make some more fun changes soon. Thanks for looking!

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