Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Sorry it's been so long

Hi BlogLand, gosh I can't believe its been 2 years since I have posted-alot has happened and it's been a little crazy- all good though. 
First I still love stamps and I try and stamp still off and on, but mostly the last 2 years have been focused on drawing and getting back to my roots. I have always loved drawing and all forms of art, but I took quite a hiatus from it for a number of reasons. Stamping and coloring has been a catapult for getting me back to what I love the most and that is drawing- especially Disney inspired art and cartoons. I won't get into why I stopped and all that- long drama story that know one has time for LOL But I am just so thankful that I am back at it and on my road to improvement. I have posted my art journey mostly on Instagram and some on FB. I hope that you will come and check out my work- my IG account is theglass_slipperdesigns :) 
In October I got to have a dream of mine fulfilled :) The Popzilla Gallery in downtown Anaheim near DisneyLand featured one of my Haunted Mansion pieces for their show- wow was I excited and yes I cried too lol I don't think they know how much this meant to me, but I didn't want to be too crazy so I kept some of my excitement to a minimum lol You can check out my piece below. It is my style of the original stretching portrait by Marc Davis and I changed the alligator to Tick Tock from Peter Pan. It was done in Prismascolor and Polychromo colored pencils. The show is only for a few more days- but if you live in that area go and check it out- so many great art pieces. You can even buy a print of mine there if you are interested or I will have some in my new etsy shop that is coming soon- probably after the holidays. 

I also posted a couple other pictures of some of the things I have worked on recently. The Rapunzel piece is actually a purse I painted on- it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. My Peter Pan and Wendy colored pencil piece is currently getting framed- it was suppose to be done awhile ago and then all the framing I picked out got discontinued so I had to go to a different shop- artist problems LOL 

Anyways I hope that you will come by and say hi to me on IG. I hope to post a little more frequently on here- I have some fun things coming up. 
Hope everyone is well and have a Merry Christmas! Talk soon

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