Monday, September 1, 2014

Crayola Crayon Challenge

I gave the Crayola Crayon Challenge a go, hard stuff! Who knew coloring with crayons could be so hard. We had to try using them like Copic markers, I missed my Copics during this whole process. What did we ever do without our Copics?
It was still fun to try and see what happened. And I got to color alongside my sweet little girl and sip yummy Starbucks tea during the process. She was so cute, she told me the reason I am probably not good at doing crayons is because I am so used to Copics and she always uses crayons so it makes her a bit better at it lol the honesty of kids just cracks me up :)
Here is my mermaid using crayons, please don't laugh. Ok you can laugh, i did!
Have a great Labor Day! Oh and check out the challenge on the kit and clowder website, fun stuff happening everyday on there :)

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