Monday, February 2, 2015

CC Designs Tutorial Time- Watercolor and Salt

I did a fun little tutorial on using watercolor and salt together. It's really fun and gives some great texture to your cards :)

Step 1. Cut a piece of watercolor paper to a desired size. Take your masking tape and start adhering it to the paper in any pattern that you desire. I did a plaid pattern for my design.
 Step 2. Start spraying your paper with the water. Instead of using regular water, I actually mixed my water with 3 small scoops of perfect pearl powder ,so it would give my background a shimmery look. Just shake it really well before spraying.  You can use regular water too :) 
Step 3. Wet your brush and start loading it with some color. I am using Peerless water colors- using the colors from the bonus pack. They are so full of pigment you just need a little bit at a time. They last a long time too. 
Step 4. Start coloring your paper with desired colors. Use more or less water depending if you like a more softer or brighter look. I worked fairly fast here so my paper would not get dry, otherwise the next step won't work as well. 
Step 5.  After you have painted your entire surface and the paper is still mostly wet, sprinkle salt lightly. If you find your paper is pretty dry you can go ahead and spray it with water again before you sprinkle, otherwise the salt will not stick and you won't get the fun pattern it leaves behind. I have used table salt for this example, but you can definitely use coarse salt for a different effect. Now let the paper dry completely- patience is hard for me here -hehe
Step 6.  After the paper is dry, go ahead and start removing your tape. Exciting part!! So fun to see your design. Not to worry if the water seeped through a little in some places.  Next brush off all the salt over the sink or a trash can or in a pot of soup JK! -not sure it's edible lol 
Here is a closer look at the pattern you get with the salt. Kind of gives it a spotted look. In some places it looks like it has cracks or a coral pattern. 
Step 7. Make a card or some fun project with your background. I cut my paper down a little smaller and then used CC Designs heart die-cuts to cut the paper. I then put foam tape on the back of the background paper and adhered it to black cardstock.Next I added ribbon and bakers twine, and stamped "Be Mine" sentiment at the bottom.
Hope you will give this technique a try. It's a lot of fun and you can do so many things with it. Thank you for coming by and have a wonderful day! 

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