Thursday, August 7, 2014

Metal die-cut storage

So I wanted to share my die cut storage system that has seemed to work pretty well for me. For quite awhile I was using one of those canvas CD storage boxes. While it worked pretty well for storage, I couldn't see any of the dies i had without pulling out each CD sleeve. I then came upon this great video, which I will post below, that gave me a great starting point for changing my system around. You will see in her video she used magnetic sheets and got them at the dollar store. I actually couldn't find any at the dollar store to save my life and they were quite expensive at the craft store. So I decided on magnetic strips instead and I think they work quite well. I believe they are bit stronger as well.
Another thing that has been so nice about this system is that I can compare circles or squares or whatever shape I might be working on so easily. I can just flip through and pull them out or just see what I have and what I need-need not want lol Oh and they fit so nicely in binders and sleeves, it's an OCD girl's dream ;) And I can't forget they are all organized in categories!
Hope I have helped someone out there :) Let me know if you have any questions.

mini better binders in teal- Staples
mini better binder sleeves- Staples
chip board-some kind of heavy card stock would work too
magnetic tape with adhesive back- I used the 1 inch wide tape from Michaels
Label maker-white tape
inspiration video-

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