Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kit and Clowder and lots of practice!

Hi All,
WOW i have been gone awhile from here! But I have been busy crafting still, I hope that leaves me off the hook or at least counts for my absence a bit :)
Since February I have been busy taking Alyce Keegan's classes over at Kit and Clowder. I can't tell you how much these classes have helped me in my coloring. They are so jam packed full of helpful info, videos, and lots of fun practice sheets. You have to check her out. There is also a wonderful FB group and whole lot more inspiration and fun contests.
 To prove how well these classes have been for me, I posted a picture of my before and after pics. This is also a contest going on at the Kit and Clowder website if you are taking the class. Alyce has been choosing winners for the last month or so and I happen to win it a couple weeks ago. Let me tell you I was over the moon excited!!! But it really goes to show you that she is a wonderful teacher and if you really put some practice in it you will see some wonderful results. I really didn't expect to have that much improvement, boy was I wrong.
Anyways this is what a lot of my crafty time has been spent on the last 5 months or so. I hope to really get even better and have this blog full of fun coloring.
Please check out her website if you are interested in improving your coloring. She is also available  for lots of feedback and is beyond dedicated to her students. Have fun and hope to see you there :) Thanks again Alyce for helping me improve and for helping me reach my goals!

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